Donald E. Camp with his signature work  Dust Shaped Hearts

Donald E. Camp with his signature work Dust Shaped Hearts

Legacy Planning for Artists

Legacy Planning is the important opportunity to shape an artist’s legacy during their lifetime to create meaning and purpose through a life’s work.
By documenting, exhibiting, and publishing their artwork as well as placing works with institutions and collections, we help artists give the gift of creativity now and tomorrow.  While strengthening an artist’s impact, we relieve their loved ones of the difficult task of organizing an archive, studio, or collection.  Simultaneously, we create opportunities for connoisseurship and appreciation by providing the public and art historical community with scholarship and access to the artists’ work for generations to come.  Through a process of discovery, as well as specific action steps, strategizing and executing a plan can be both enlightening and empowering.  We guide artists and their families through the legacy planning process helping them solidify plans for the future while reaching milestones today.

Shaping how you and your artwork will be remembered, we help create the foundation for your legacy in your lifetime through comprehensive offerings including:

  • Documentation

  • Inventory and archiving

  • Digital and printed catalogues

  • Books

  • Websites

  • Exhibitions and exhibition planning

  • Events

  • Collections placement

  • Archives inclusion

  • Library collections

  • Family and estate planning considerations

  • Essays and promotional writing

  • Valuation

  • Storage solutions

  • Conservation consulting

  • Developing legacy programs such as grant-making and artist residencies

  • Assessing an artist’s history and context

  • Creating scholarship and oral histories

  • Identifying museums and private collections for placement or exhibition of work

We can focus exclusively on creating a plan, involving a strategy and roadmap, for an artist or their supporters to follow independently.  For more robust support, we can create as well as implement a plan, playing a more active role in legacy creation and management.